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Website Templates

Two website templates are available for LSP lab members - a software website and a method website.

*For projects that does not involve software or method sharing, please reference template for publication and data landing pages.

Each template outlines the recommended documentation for your project, organized into a logical navigation structure. Comments and suggested formatting can be found throughout the template to guide the website making process.

Make sure to start with Tutorial for step-by-step instructions to use these template.

Here are the two templates:

Software Website

View Template View Repository

Method Website

View Template View Repository

Publication and Data Landing pages

Stand-alone websites may not be necessary for some projects. For these instances, your research may be showcased as a publication or data landing page on the LSP website or the Harvard Tissue Atlas website.

The template for these landing pages serves as a checklist for files and information to provide in order for your research to be properly represented.

Publication/data landing page template can be found on the HiTS SharePoint.

*if you have questions about the landing page template, please reach out to Juliann Tefft (Juliann_Tefft at in the website templates

The is applicable to the projects that involve data or code release, in addition to having a dedicated Jekyll site. It is designed as a guide for users to access the released data or code easily, in a list format.

If you need to use the, follow these three simple steps

  1. Edit to reflect the data you need to release
  2. Delete
  3. Rename to This will display its contents below the list of files in your repository