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Highlighted Stlying Elements

Stlying elements in this theme are well-documented. This page will highlight a few elements and UIs that may be the most relevant for your website and point to their documentations.

Basic Grid

See Documentation

The basic grid is an esay way to break away from the paragraph format and inject visual intrigue into your site’s layout. It is also a great method of showing off parallel pieces of information. The results looks like this

basic grid

Enhanced Grid

See Documentation

An enhanced grid allows you to customize the space designated to each element of the grid. It will automatically adjust to the screen size.

An example is shown in Step 2 of the MCMICRO Tutorial.

Image Cards

See Documentation

Image cards display a “thumbnail” for your link. It’s a great way to provide a preview of where the link is leading to (e.g. if you were linking to image-based data)

Image cards look like this

image cards


See Documentation

The above “See Documentation” is an example of a button! The style of the buttons are customizable.

Video Embedding

See Documentation

You can embed a Youtube or Vimeo video in your website with autoplay option.

An example can be seen on the MCMICRO overview page.