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LSP Custom Theme

This section is a guide on the LSP theme: how to apply the theme, LSP/HiTS-related theme elements and several styling components that may be most relevant for showcasing your research.

However, this is not a complete documentation. For information on the rest of the theme, you can check out the documentation and repository.

Applying the Theme

If you are starting with the website templates, the LSP theme is already applied to the template.

Proceed to Customizations to adjust styling elements to your liking.

If you are starting a website from scratch, or adapting your existing Jekyll website to use the LSP theme. Follow these steps:

  1. In _config.yml file, insert the following line (to replace the esiting theme or remote_theme variable)
     remote_theme: labsyspharm/just-the-docs-lsp
  2. Make sure that remote theme is enables by adding
         - jekyll-remote-theme

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