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Pip install

Ashlar can be installed in most Python environments using pip:

pip install ashlar

Using a conda environment

If you don’t already have miniconda or Anaconda, download the python 3.x version and install. Then, run the following commands from a terminal (Linux/Mac) or command prompt (Windows):

Create a named conda environment with python 3.7:

conda create -y -n ashlar python=3.7

Activate the conda environment:

conda activate ashlar

In the activated environment, install dependencies and ashlar itself:

conda install -y -c conda-forge numpy scipy matplotlib networkx scikit-image=0.16.2 scikit-learn pyjnius
pip install ashlar

Docker image

The docker image of ashlar is on DockerHub and should be suitable for many use cases.

Return to the quick start guide to learn more about how to use ASHLAR.