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This website contains several types of documentation

  1. Overview provides relevant background information related to ASHLAR and more details about how ASHLAR works.

  2. Tutorial (coming soon!) will provides a step-by-step example workflow that will allow beginners to turn a sample of multiplexed images into a mosaic image.

  3. The instructions page provides a step-by-step guide for how to begin using ASHLAR.
    1. Running ASHLAR contains reference information on ASHLAR syntax.
    2. View the frequently asked questions for troubleshooting help.
    3. Detailed guides on how to tune ASHLAR’s options for your unique data set will be added soon.
  4. Roadmap will document our plans for future updates and improvements to ASHLAR.

  5. You may also download example data that can be processed by ASHLAR and view an example mosaic image of this data set.