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CyCIF, CODEX and mIHC images from serial sections of a tonsil specimen

The tonsil images described in the MCMICRO manuscript comprise a 100+GB dataset. The primary data can be downloaded from Here, we provide a data overview using the open source Minerva software, developed by the Laboratory of Systems Pharmacology.

Minerva enables intuitive real-time exploration of very large (gigapixel) high-plex images in the cloud using a web browser. With Minerva, users can pan around and magnify areas of an image and switch between channels. Minerva does not require the installation of any software and is therefore secure; browsing is also anonymous. Users interested in the tool are welcome to explore the documentation, the software publication, and a description of digital docents in general.

Primary data:
Data overview

Slide ID Center / Assay Preview
WD-75684-01 HMS H&E
WD-75684-02 HMS CyCIF
WD-75684-05 Broad CODEX
WD-75684-08 HMS CyCIF
WD-75684-12 OHSU mIHC